Kindness, good manners and discretion keep watch over the tranquillity of your stay, while guests who have a desire for conversation and shared experience are greeted with open arms.


Making travellers feel welcome is an art which stems from the pleasure of coming together and sharing moments in life. At Lunarolo, we look forward to you spending a few days of relaxation in the Ovadian countryside and letting yourself be lulled by the peace and comfort of our home.


The renovation of the house is the result of a dynamic and successful collaboration between the family and the architect who, together, have transformed the original building into an enchanting residence spread out over two main spaces: one, welcoming and traditional, which is dedicated to the guest’s stay; the other renovated in a contemporary style and reserved for the family. The great vaulted space of the cellar is testimony to the original purpose of the ancient farmhouse as housing for farmers who worked the vineyard and produced the wine.


You will be greeted by the charm of a warm interior and enchanting, traditional elegance. On the ground floor, you will find a finely furnished lounge where you can spend your evening in front of the fire or gathered around the large table for a game of cards, conversation or organised meals with your friends. The lounge opens onto the garden and a protected outdoor space where, during the summer season, you can enjoy breakfast in absolute peace, surrounded by nature.

The bedrooms are located on the upper floors, while the breakfast room is connected to the guest house by an adjoining space which looks as if it were transported from a corner of Montmartre, the famous Parisian neighbourhood.


Nature will welcome you on arrival, accompanying you along the short path between the car park and the house with its scented bushes and lavender plants. Through the gate, the space opens up into a large terrace surrounded by flower beds with large trees offering shade, rosettes, laurels, rosemary and many other typical examples of local and Mediterranean flora.

The cosy nooks in the garden provide moments of absolute peace while the open spaces allow total immersion in the countryside and are ideal for parties and events.


Breakfast is prepared à la carte, according to individual wishes. We will offer you our home baked cakes, locally produced marmalades and honey, and fruits which are in season. Our cereals are organic, as are the flour, milk and eggs used to make our breakfast sweets.

For true breakfast lovers, special dishes can be prepared according to specific diets. Those who prefer a savoury breakfast can enjoy our cheeses and freshly collected eggs.


The swimming pool is bathed in the light of the sun from morning to evening and has a magnificent 360 degree view of the surrounding hillside. The poolside sun deck is equipped with comfortable sun loungers, umbrellas and a shower with hot water. The charming ambience, particularly during the evening hours, is ideal for pre-dinner drinks and receptions.